September 22, 2015

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Best Practices

iionIT Best Practices

So what are best practices and why are they so important?

Best practices are guidelines provided by hardware and software vendors as recommendations for how their devices should be configured for optimum performance, reliability, and security.

A network is a very complex environment where all kinds of digital devices will connect, share resources, and communicate with each other. It’s important to understand that in order to achieve a good balance of these three core components your technical team will need to not only have a strong knowledge of the underlying infrastructure, but also of vendor defined best practices. This will help them to achieve a well rounded solution you can depend on.

At iionIT Network Solutions Inc. we focus on staying on top of technology, developing a depth of understanding in any systems we configure, and we work hard to continually evaluate and maintain network best practices. In our experience it provides the most balanced systems.

A first blog from the Best Practices Series is on Backups & Recovery. More coming soon!


Backup & Recovery

iionIT Backup and Recovery

In an age of information, data is important!

So many businesses rely so heavily on their data, and it’s amazing how often backups get overlooked. It’s not just backups though. Recoverability and uptime are also elements that should be evaluated. Do you have a plan that defines what the impact is of losing access to the internet, losing a computer, a server, or data? What kind of downtime can you sustain if a system fails? Do you know what to expect in the event of any of these failures?

At iionIT Network Solutions Inc. we have extensive experience in working with clients to develop, design, and implement solutions from a basic backup & recovery, to highly complex systems including system replication and high availability for the “always on” business. Coupled with our disaster recovery simulations, we’ll give you everything you need to know to sleep soundly at night knowing your systems are safe.

Feel free to read our blog about the planning and evaluating good data backups solutions for your business.


Network Security

iionIT Network Security

As sad as it is, we live in a world where people will profit from our digital misfortune.

Click a bad link, open the wrong email attachment, or even go to a known website that happens to be compromised at the time and you may find yourself with a virus, malware, spyware, or even ransomware! Although there are no bulletproof systems out there that can keep you protected from everything always, there are a number of affordable solutions that can really enhance your security posture and help you protect your systems.

iionIT Network Solutions Inc. can work with you to build a well rounded security platform which will ensure your systems are protected. With a thorough understanding of your network at your disposal you can feel better knowing that your users and systems are safe!


Maintenance, Monitoring, and Alerting

iionIT Maintenance, Monitoring and Alerting

Just like a car a network requires maintenance, and as time goes on systems will naturally degrade.

Software gets updated, installed, removed; mailboxes get bigger; data moves back and forth through the network day in and day out; and configurations change as you add and remove users, computers, and devices among other things. At iionIT Network Solutions Inc. we understand that well maintained systems not only perform better by removing old configs and clutter, but it also provides cleaner systems and better uptime

With services ranging from semi-regular audits & maintenance all the way up to fully managed and monitored solutions including disaster recovery simulations, we can work with you to customize the solution that’s best for you.

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