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Best Practices: An Intro to Backup and Recovery Solution

In a previous post entitled: “Best Practices: Backup Basics” we discussed the kinds of things to consider when evaluating or planing a backup strategy. In this article we’re going to build on that knowledge and try to understand more variables that should be taken into account for a well rounded backup and recovery solution. As[…]

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Intro to Managed Services

What are Managed Services and why do I want them? When looking for an IT company these days you may have noticed many of them offer “managed services” and are referring to themselves as MSPs or Managed Service Providers. If you’ve ever wondered what it means, or where this came from, here’s a rough outline[…]

iionIT Backup Solution

Best Practices: Backup Basics

Most of us have lost important data at some point of our lives. Some of us learned very early how important it is to ALWAYS keep ANY IMPORTANT data in more than one place. Some learned this lesson – when the excuse “my homework was eaten by the dog” wast just not good enough… others[…]

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Welcome to iionIT!

  After months of hard work and preparation, we’re proud to announce that the “eyes” of iionIT Network Solutions Inc. are now open!   We are a family-owned business, and we know that running a business is a hard work. Our goal is to help offset some of the business headaches related to setting up,[…]